Chauta Baazar

Chauta Baazar pops up in mind whenever we think for a variety and economic way of shopping. I feel it’s for all the people no matter from what class they belong, you are welcome here by all the shopkeepers or vendors.

If I am asked to describe this place in one word, I would say “Chaos”. I mean it even in a beautiful sense. A place where you can get each of the item which is part of your routine life or even for occasion that matters a lot. Rather I should be asking what you don’t get here? This traditional market place is situated in geographical Center of the old city of Surat.

People here are busy with various businesses like retail, wholesale, storage and much more. Apart from shopping there are various food joints which are very famous. People come here for even religious purpose too. A very famous Balkrishna Haveli, Jain temple and many more.

People from the greater Surat, visit it very often. My observation says you will find people, people and only people in any of the season, be it festive or the casual one. Whenever I visit Chauta Bazar, my visit starts with buying many popcorn packets. Apart from that what I love here is the bargaining. You need to be an “expert of bargaining”. Well, I am not trying to misguide you but come on. You can buy Clothes, footwear, accessories, spices, gharelu cheeze and what not. EVEYTHING! Well, I ended up my visit by having delicious Mysore Masala Dosa at Balaji which is a laari located in the Center of the market! God! They serve hell delicious South India delicacies.

Arre! Sorry! How could I forget Janta ice cream and Ganne ka Ras! It feels like commuting a crime if you don’t have anything of these.

It is still a hotspot for our own Surati lalas!! Anyways, I am sure that you will be better than I in giving more suggestions to us! Keep writing!

Address: Chauta Bazar, Bhagal Road, Surat.

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