Chandani Padvo – A Festival of Surti Lala’s (Surat)

This day has a Story, where on the day of Sharad Purnima Lord Krishna Performed Ras-Leela with Thousands of Gopis and many Gujarati’s used to keep fast on that day and break the fast after Consuming “Doodh-Pooha”

On the Very Next Day, Chandani Padvo falls, where the people of Surat Used to celebrate Chandani Padvo by Sitting Aside of the Road and Consume Ghaari & Bhusu of different varieties. Day by Day the Culture Got Some Changes Now the Modish Surties use to go on Picnics, at Farmhouses, Dumas, Daman etc…  To have fun and eat a lot of Ghaari on that day. Every year Surtis export more than 100 tons of Ghaari. Delish Bhusu- A Namkeen mixture is famously Consumed and Distributed among family and friends. Surti’s Fondness doesn’t stop here only Packed boxes are sent to foreign countries.

Team City Tadka Has Covered the Sweet Place s of Surat, Unbelievingly there were long Queues at Every Sweet Shop, we Fall for 24Carat and C. Jamnadas & Co. Ghariwala. Delicious Ghaari’s To go Crazy For 🙂

Ghaari’s, The Surti’s Speciality-are made with mawa, lots of almonds Pistachios, Charoli, Cardamom and Mixture of Kesar. Now a Days Ghaari is not Simply Ghaari, We have Different Flavour’s to have Chocolate Ghaari , Mawa Malai Ghaari, Pista Ghaari,

Kesar Badam Ghaari & Kaju Mango Ghaari etc.

The Fast Developing Culture  in Surat, where people used to celebrate Chandani Padvo, by sitting aside on the Road and eat Eat Ghaari’s alot companion with Bhusu which is also available in Different Varieties J Like Masala Bhusu, Panipuri Flavour Bhusu, Sandwich Flavour Bhusu, Chinese Flavour Bhusu etc 🙂

Well, Another New thing is Discovered which City Tadka liked a lot, We have much to eat on Chandani Padvo, but to change the Flavour, this time Surti’s Followed the Culture of Eat and Drink Together and so as Celebrated the Festival Hugely at Daman 🙂

A Unique Culture We found on Chandani Padvo Festival, Enjoyed the Ghaari Season alot.

Love Surat!!

Proud to be Surti!! 🙂

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