Chalo Ponk Khaava Jaiye

The cool breeze mildly sprawled upon this glorious city, people taking their old blankets and jackets out of the basement and making sure the speed of the fan is lower than usual – Yes. It’s that wonderful time of the year. Surtis are enjoying the beginning stages of a wonderful winter coming our way and staying true to our form, we have begun to please our taste buds with the lip smacking winter treats and varieties available around the city, especially Ponk.

Ponk – our companion in these cold months and our favourite pass time. This delight comes to us straight from the authentic roasting of Sorghum seedheads with charcoal and later the ponk grains are beaten out of these freshly roasted seedsheads. A process which in itself sounds interesting enough for us to go and take the first bite right away.

But it’s not just the process. Ponk is godly for us Surtis. It is an overall experience. It is the food we hope to sink our teeth as soon as a mild sense of chills hits the streets. It’s our daily breakfast with our chai and chatkas, it’s the snack we have after we finish our tuition classes or work, it’s the treat we get for our friends when we go meet them at Joggers, it’s the classic break time delight for any and every occasion. The cherry on the top is obviously the flavourful sev that is sprinkled on top of our green and delicious Ponk. Available in various flavours like Limbu (lemon), Lasan (garlic), Palak (spinach) and the classic Sada sev – all these tasty options to choose from. And when added with those sweet Sakariya Daana (sugar crystals) – the whole combination becomes otherworldly. A combination we’re sure we as Surtis would forget anything for.

Of course, how can we not mention those delicious Ponk Vadas and Ponk Petis that we get at all the elaborated stalls spread across the city? To relish those with a dollop of the best Lasan Chutney is like a festival in our mouths. Full of flavours, textures and just a whole lot of fun. As foodies, we uplift this self-acclaimed title by making sure there’s increasing queues at these Ponk stalls every year.

Located in various parts of the city like Ghod-dod-road, Adajan, Chowk, etc. – we see a bundle of stalls put up together, with strings of colourful sev as their classic decor. In fact, here’s a protip from City Tadka to locate one of these munching hubs. If you pass through a nook where the sweet and savoury aroma instantly hits you and is surrounded by hungry Surits – that is it. That’s your stop. That is where you get off your rides, let the aroma consume you and get yourself a large helping of these delicacies.

Ponk is one of the best memories we have of winters in Surat and as this season is the only time you can get your hands on this sought after snack, we suggest you make the best out of it. As the city enters the cosy months of winter, Ponk is a sure short way to lift our spirits and our chai-naashta time.

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