Learn A Valuable Drug Abuse Lesson With The Screening Of the Youth FilmC-Dust By Youth Nation!

How great are those college times when you get to sojourn with your friends for a few years? How great is that feeling of freedom? It feels enlivening really but not everyone can handle that kinda freedom. Fewer jammy lads fail to make a good use of this independence and wander haplessly into the world of drugs which sadly eventually steers them into the world of crime.

Surat’s notable NGO ‘Youth Nation’ which worksfor the betterment of the youth and youth empowerment is coming up with a short movie ‘C-Dust’ that focuses on how youngsters unknowingly get into the world of drugs. They also meticulously depict the aftermath of drug addiction and how it almost always shepherds naive youngsters to the ruthless world of hate and crime. The trailer of the film shows a glimpse of the movie which seems impeccably directed by Shahid Turq to deliver the message right on point. The movie is produced by Veekas Doshi and the music is provided by Rubin Desai.

The movie is all set for its initial screening on 25th June 2017 and invites all the youngsters, parents and anyone out there who wants to learn a valuable lesson in life. It is a short movie really but the lesson of reality it teaches you is absolutely peerless for its duration! So all the Surtis out there, grab a seat at Surat Science Center, Citylight and learn a valuable lesson which will succor you to keep yourself or your kids at bay from wasting your invaluable life.

Watch the trailer here!

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