Surat – The City of Bridges

Surat has been judged as India’s best city. Surat has so many bridges that is the only reason Surat is known as the city of bridges. People from different places come to Surat and are so shocked by seeing Surat at a good position. Surtis are popularly towards Surat food and the nest thing famous is the bridges.

The parameters for this included, according to a report in the Times of India, “mobility, water supply network, cleanliness, public amenities, pollution control, greenery, safety and easy processes of getting work done at the corporation.”

However, we must add our two bits here because we are enchanted with the results. To us Surtis Surat is the most interesting city in India.

It was a city before Bombay and New Delhi and Madras and Calcutta and Bangalore existed. It wasn’t designed by outsiders and it had an urban culture developed by its citizens, much of which it retains today.

Vehicles move over a bridge built over the river Tapi at Surat. As you all know it has many bridges, we can name a few of them like, the very famous and known is the Sardar Bridge, then comes, Makaipool as everyone calls it by that name,Chowk bridge , Vesu bridge, Adajan Pal bridge , Amroli bridge, and many more. Bridge gives us that way that we can reach a destination so early within the time and main gain perspective is of you don’t get any kind of traffic, at times. Citytadka very well understand that surtis are love with the bridges of Surat and the main bridge is still work in progress that is the Cable Bridge, once that gets started will have more opportunities knocking the door of Surat.

The Surti in caricature is for other Gujaratis are a person who enjoys the good things of life. We can testify that this caricature is true.

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