Be 100% Diabetes Free with Products by Bio Map

Let us change the way to treat yourself, and Let BioMap Product rejuvenate you with utmost care.

Traditional and Ayurvedic Drugs are the uproar of the world; they are the matter of the moment as human health is the foremost concern of the world and to expedite the same BIOMAP NGO is here.

BIOMAP is committed to cultivate nature’s wealth and to establish head to heel brand to ensure diabetes free society and healthy life for everyone. Here are the list of products that will preventive and productive health as well as economic wellness to the society.

📌Jiyo Diafreen – (MRP 299)
Jiyo Diafreen aids a person to live diabetes free, Blood pressure free, thyroid free, Gas/ acidity free and protects your kidney, liver, lung, heart and eyes. So far millions of people living diabetes-free life worldwide.

📌Jiyo Meditone – ( MRP 270 )
Boosts memory power, Detoxify worry and stress, Increase haemoglobin
Helps in Lowering cholesterol, Powerhouse of multi-vitamin (Vitamin a, b3, b12, c, d, e and phytonutrients) and best for Vitamin B12 (Herbal Source)

📌Jiyo Arusamrit – ( MRP 260 )
It will be your ultimate Pain Reliever – Joint pain, Arthritis, Gout & Sprain, Spondylitis, Muscle relaxant, Back pain, Sciatica; Oil for all pains.

📌Jiyo Sweetife – ( MRP 110 )
Your best Sweet-Partner for Diabetes. Sugar-Free, Natural sweet, Pure Stevia extract and Instant relief in Gas and acidity or Hyper-acidity.

📌Jiyo Keshposh – ( MRP 350 )
Don’t worry about your Hair if you have this. Hair fall stops in 3 to 4 days, Hair Rejuvenation, Hair Regeneration, Anti Hair Fall, Allergic free, Helps in reducing split ends Plus Helps in Growing Hair.

So, without any further ado, Book your natural and authentic product now and be Healthier and Disease-Free.

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