Make Your Christmas Holidays Worthwhile At Basant Vihar

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This time of year is a truly wonderful and magical one and Christmas is a holiday with a beautiful spirit and traditions.

Christmas tree is a fun and heartwarming tradition that brings families together. Many Christmas decorations make a Christmas tree a focal point of a festive front room. Dramatic additions to any tree are the Christmas garlands

Trust us when we discuss North Indian Cuisine, there are hardly a few restaurants who serve AUTHENTIC NORTH INDIAN FOOD. For me, even till date Basant Vihar tops that list. Basant Vihar Restaurant is widely known as BVR. This is almost a decade old restaurant.

We all love the Spicy and rich Indian Curries with super soft roti or naan.

So, mostly on family gatherings and sort of things, we opt for this place as having the majority. Location of this place is great so that people have convenience in commuting here. Another thing we love about this place apart from Khana is the ambience. It is a decent yet classy dining here. Things are neat and you don’t feel like strangers sitting right next to you. The place is spacious and well lit.

Now comes the food part. If at all we could rate this, we would have surely rated it 10 on 10 on taste part. Now let’s go in the order, we were welcomed with a cold coffee by the manager as the meeting was priorly fixed. In a conversation with the manager we got to know that though they are serving multi cuisine, people know us with the North Indian the most. So we thought why not to try different dishes than the usual ones.

Do visit this place and don’t forget to like, comment and share this one! We need your love.

Wish you all a happy holidays.

CityTadka Team visited Basant Vihar as they had an amazing decoration at the outlet so visit this place to spend your holidays in an amazing manner.

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