“Aquatwist” Herb-Infused Water

Have you ever fancy up your H2O?
Puzzled what we’re talking about?
This summer quench your thirst beautifully with ” Aquatwist ” Herb-Infused Water.

In our busy lives with tight workaholic schedules, we don’t have enough time to prepare our own home-made infused water So, to ease your life as well as render you with healthy drinking Aqua Twist is here with Herb Infused Water.

“Aqua Twist” is all about beneficial hydration in every refreshing sip. With the goodness of natural herbs which are infused in the treated water, they’re ready to be your perfect summertime treat.

They’re here with essential homely flavours like Cinnamon, Saunf (Fennel), and Pudina (Indian Mint). This beautiful infusion of the extract will make water taste unexceptionally GOOD! and if these flavours are not enough to tempt you here is the list of things that will make you crave them :

➡ Gives you all the Health Benefits of the Herbs in the water
➡ Improves the pH level in the body with its Alkaline Effect
➡ No Added Sugars, No Artificial Flavours or No Chemicals
➡ Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Eco-Friendly Alternative
➡ Plastic Bottles are BPA Free

And even after reading this if you have second thoughts, then you definitely need to try this !!

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