Akshay Kumar 8th Kudo Tournament in Surat

Surtis were super excited as Akshay kumar came to Surat for the 8th Kudos Tournament. And with Akshay Kumar there was Ranveer Singh and Aditya Thakre.
Ranveer Singh and Aditya Thakre were honoured with Honorary Black Belt by Akshay Kumar in the the 8th Kudos Tournament in Surat.
There were many things that happened in the tournament and it was just incredible. Please Surtis have a look at all the pictures of tournament and CityTadka is giving you a surety that will enjoy it.
Kudo is a life-long sport, system for youth education, method of self-defence and health maintenance for adults. Along with these elements it stresses the “Reigi” or respect and etiquette in its tradition. In this tournament in Surat, there were many teams; everyone was getting appreciated by the much known KUDO champion that is Akshay Kumar.
Players played with fire, bricks and with many more elements that you will find in the images.
Ranveer Singh concluded the event by saying that if we meet the any kind of difficulties we must face them positively and never evade without challenge against them in order to gain the ultimate, highest truth.
We are sure Akshay kumar , Ranveer Singh and Aditya Thakre had lot of fun in the event as we noticed their mesmerizing expressions. This Event was exclusively managed by Our Humans of Surat Mr. Denny Nirban & His Company The Solutions.
Date & Venue:
Akshay Kumar Kudo Tournament – 2016 at Indoor Stadium, Surat from 26 October to 29 October 2016…
For More Details Contact on: 9512882800
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