A Perfect Guide for the young generation to sucess Aarth Universal Pre-School

Want to prepare your child for their Best Future? Than Aarth Universal Pre-School should be your ultimate destination.
ADMISSIONS OPEN – For Inquiry Call- +91 95379 80922

Aarth Universal Pre-school is a school that will nurture your kid with not just bookish knowledge but also providing them with intellectual and emotional abilities. Their curriculum is designed to help children lay strong foundation skills for life long living and learning. It is a K-12 school which will have an internationally recognised curriculum.

Competition among students has become a huge barrier to success. But Aarth Universal Pre-school has replaced Competition into collaboration by creating individual measures of success and tailor-made assessments for each and every child based on their skills. Teachers here nurture’s the child completely, both emotional and intellectual abilities, thus encouraging them to develop to their fullest potential.

Aarth universal pre-school will not just be your child’s school but with its unique environment, insightful programs, language development, Qualified and trained staff, out-of-the-box extracurricular activities, CCTV surveillance, and much more; it will prove to be a learning-home for your children.

So, Make your child prepared right from the Start with Aarth Universal Pre-School. ADMISSIONS OPEN – For Inquiry Call- +91 95379 80922

Here are the Details:
1,2,3, Vimalnath View, B/h TGB Hotel,
L.P. Savani Road, Surat.
+91 95379 80922

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