A delightful exchange of Glitz, Glamour and Guidance with Shubh Malhotra

A pragmatic vibe and exuberating immense love and positivity, City Tadka had the pleasure to have a one on one with Shubh Malhotra, an acclaimed Fashion Stylist, Groomer, Image & Personality Consultant, a Mentor and Counsellor for young people and adults and most importantly, a woman of substance. She was in town for judging and grooming the participants of Aura Academy’s Kids Fashion Show and we managed to get some of her time.

Tell us a bit about yourself? Who is Shubh Malhotra?

It’s always unnerving when someone asks this questions you know? I don’t want to blow my own trumpet (unanimous chuckling), but I will still try. I have basically had experience in all different directions. Corporate, glamour, social cause and travelling – I’ve been blessed to be able to do it all. Spending more than 25 years in USA has definitely created a strong stance in me, made me confident and helps me doing what I do today. I try to work as much as possible and hope to help as many people as I can. I’ve worked with autistic children for many years too. Something that really motivates me and keeps me grounded in this crazy world.

So you lived in USA for so many years, how was that transition for you, being a Mumbai girl and tell us about your move back to India.

Oh yes! Born and brought up in Mumbai, I’ve always been a typical Bandra girl. Even when I moved to USA with my husband, a part of Bombay stayed with me. Even though being in the glitz and glamour of the states, nothing compares to the Vada Pav of Mumbai. After moving here, I got involved in styling and grooming, also worked quite a bit in filmmaking where I mentored around 25 short films. Staying long days and nights with young, enthusiastic kids was such a great experience for me. It makes you feel young again.

It surely does. And as youngsters, I think it’s great we have opportunities to be mentored by people with your experience and grace. What motivates you to do this?

Thank you so much. And yes, I do agree. Young people need constant mentoring in this crazy world and I am so happy that I could help them bring some clarity in life. I strongly believe that even if I could help change one person’s life, it’s a success story for me.

Tell us your experience of working in the glamour world. We know you are always busy, travelling everywhere. Tell us how you manage to do so much and still keep going strong.

First and foremost, I love what I do. That motivates me enough. I have worked on many shows with kids and young people. I had a great experience working alongside Zeenat Aman in Dubai where we did made all the participants do workshops and spent a really good time. One of the great shows we did was in Jaipur alongside Pankaj Dheer, Gracy Singh and Jatin Khurana. It was a show focused on cancer patients and I was thrilled to be included in such a noble cause.The event was covered at such a grand scale and loved all the support we received.

That’s really amazing. So apart from such a fantastic professional life, what do you do in your personal life? What takes up your free time?

Well, being in such a fast, frenzied world, it’s surely nice to be separated from this for a little while and give time to yourself. I have always given my love and support to helping causes and so I do the same in most of my free time. I have adopted an orphanage with around 40 kids and try to give them the facilities they are bereft of. I also support an old age home where I am so proud to say that I have 21 mothers to always spend time with and I make sure to visit them often.

That’s such a positive thing to do. You truly are an inspiration for us. Tell us, with all the support you provide to the world, who is your backbone?

My family, of course, my husband and kids and everyone close to me have always been very supportive of everything I do and I feel like I am immensely blessed to be surrounded by them.

Is this your first time in Surat? And how did you enjoy the city?

Oh No! I am a frequent visitor here and I love this city. The food, the people – everything is simply amazing here. I keep coming here to do shows and I make sure to enjoy the Gujarati delicacies it offers. The people here are also warm and kind and I always feel very welcome when I am here and always feel glad meeting new people like here with you guys.

Thank you so much, Ma’am. Before we leave, you have to tell us your final word. A message you would like to give our readers.

I always have one thing to say to everyone, is be good from within and it will always help you. I try to bring confidence and positivity in everyone’s life and I wish the same for everyone. Like I’ve spent my life learning from everyone I meet, I want everyone to aspire inspirations from all the people surrounding them. In the end, all I’d say is I’m immensely thankful for all the love I’ve received and I am glad I get to do this and bring changes in the lives of people.

Time literally flew by in a jiffy talking to this wonderful lady and when we departed, we were mesmerised by her and all that we got to learn in such a small time. It truly is inspiring what Mrs Malhotra aims to do and how she’s always supportive of helping people in any way she can. A trait all of us can inculcate in ourselves.

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