5 things to do in Surat

5 things to do in Surat

For the world, Surat is the textile hub and Diamond center of India, but it is way more than that. Not only Surat city, but Surtis are also well-known for their friendly, foodie and carefree nature. Whether you scrutinize historical marks at Dandi or astounding advance smart city formation, the second largest city of Gujarat is on its way to create the cleanest city in India and the fastest growing city in the World. There is an endless number of things you can do in Surat, but to list down some of the must do’s, here are the 5 Things that you should do in Surat -:


1. Chant your prayers at Iskon Temple

  • Iskon Temple is a place to find your spiritual significance. Known for being a spiritual setting for many Krishna devotees, the temple showcases architectural intensity. The temple was established in 1979 and is located on the banks of River Tapi. Flaunting the craftsmanship on the inside, it explains the well-structured layout of historical events and God Krishna.


2. Savour the taste of lip-smacking street food

  • Surtis are renowned for making scrumptious food and more popular for being foodie souls. From Surti Locho to Gujarati Thali, Surat can take care of your tummy and hunger. There is no nook or corner in Surat where you won’t be fed. The streets of Surat are full of the perfect blend of spices and unique is taste.


3. Fall in love with the sunset at Dumas Beach

  • The traditional spot is much more than just a sandy beach. Dumas beach is one of its kind as it is the only beach with black sand and it is also one of the most haunted places in India. Locals believe to have witnessed strange activities at night, especially around the graveyard. However, during the day, the beach is crowded with coconut, fruits and corn vendors, bhajiya-wala’s and kids playing in and around the park. You may also visit the beach if you would like a camel or horse ride.

4. Amaze yourself with Amazia Water Park

  • Amazia, one of the best Waterparks nationwide, landed in Surat a couple of years ago. The place is well-connected to the city and it’s pretty easy to get there. With thrilling rides and large water pools to have fun at, it is one of the most favourite places of Surtis, especially the kids.


5. Just go with the flow with boating at Gopi Talav

  • Situated near Gopipura area, Gopi Talav was built around 1510 by Malik Gopi. The lake is now under Surat Municipal Corporation and has been renovated recently, transforming it into a scenic location. From spectacular boating between fountain show and a small flea market to lip-smacking street food available, making it an ultimate hangout hub for friends and families.


Apart from these famous places, you can also visit Suvali Beach near Hazira, ONGC bridge for some fresh air and scenic view of River Tapi. Surat is also really fun around Navratri where the city doesn’t sleep at all for 10 days and people can be seen dancing and laughing in colourful traditional outfits, savouring food all night long. Now is the time you plan a trip to Surat and check off your list of places to be visited.


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