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Tulsiwadi Karna Temple

As said Lord Krishna did funeral of Karna at Tulsiwadi temple with the help of yogic Fire.


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Three leaf banyan tree, Fulpada Rd, Dharam Nagar Society,, Anand Nagar
Surat, Gujarat - 395003


This Sunday CityTadka’s Team head to a famous Ancient Chardham Temple, Tran Paan Nu Vad, Tree on Ashwanikumar Road, close to the Crematorium. The tree is said to have a unique characteristic of 3 leaves on one stem. The surroundings are also interesting and very close to the riverside. Tulsiwadi temple of Karna is located near Surat, Gujarat. This ancient temple is located on the Tapi/Tapti river bank. It is said that Lord Krishna did funeral of Karna at this place with the help of yogic Fire. Most authentic temple that the lord Krishna himself did funeral of Karna and this ancient temple is the biggest proof of this authentic story.

Karna remains a tragic figure for millions of Hindus and Indians to this day. He was a brave hero, a courageous spirit who braved impossible odds in his whole life and died with terrific courage, valour and honour, to rise to immortality in fame. He is especially famous for his generosity. He has all that fine qualities of an individual futile. After Karna’s death, Kunti informed the Pandavas that she was Karna’s mother and that he was the eldest of the Pandavas. The Pandavas grieved over Karna’s death. Yudhisthira, particularly, was incensed on hearing that his mother had kept secret from him and his brothers about Karna’s true identity. He cursed all women, stating that henceforth they would never be able to keep a secret.

There was an argument between Arjuna and Duryodhana as to who will funeral Karna’s dead body. Arjuna claimed that since he was Karna’s brother, he deserved to be worthy of the task. However, Duryodhana claimed that Arjuna never knew that he was Karna’s brother and never treated him like one, because they were always under constant rivalry. Since Duryodhana was Karna’s true friend and since Karna had himself sided with Duryodhana instead of Arjuna and the Pandavas, he claimed right to do the deed himself. During this argument, Lord Krishna intervened and advised Arjuna to step back because Duryodhana deserved to give the last respects to Karna, being his true friend.

They showed the place where Karna’s Last rites were done. Before war, Karna prayed to Lord Krishna to do his Antim Sanskar in the most pious place where no sins have occurred. After his death in war Krishna carried him in his arms and did his antim sanskaar in Surat’s Tulsi Waadi Temple. In that place lord Vishnu gave darshan to pious demon, king Bali. He did Yagna here and in Dwaapar Yug Karna’s Antim sanskaar was done here by Lord Krishna.


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