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The Dough Company

The Dough Company is a place you find handmade deliciousness served right!


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H/6 Parle Point Palace, Parle point
Surat, Gujarat - 395007


The only time the end is better than the beginning is when we get to the favourite part of our meals. Yes, it’s the Desserts. Gourmet Goodness that is a window into paradise and a delicious ride for our taste buds. And Surtis with the penchant for all good and holy things, the trailblazing Dough Company is a delectable addition to our gourmet needs. From cakes to pastries, cupcakes to muffins, brownies to mousses, the Dough Company makes a mark in the city bringing an amalgam of international tastes while making the vegetarians happy with their no-egg policy. Probably the only place in the city that has such a vast variety of eggless noshes to offer.

And keeping up with their tradition of bringing something unique and new with every change, Dough Company is all set to launch their line of exquisite Belgian Pure Chocolate Cakes and Pastries. Enriched with high cocoa butter content used by gourmet & culinary professionals, the chocolate used in this line has an unexplored touch to it. Instead of roasting the cocoa kernels, the cocoa beans have been roasted in their entirety. This technique not only preserves the strong flavours of the cocoa but also conserves the aromatic oils within its husk and are fully released in the chocolate. A trick used by artisans and small batch chocolate makers, this is what gives the chocolate that irresistible and intoxicating aroma.

City Tadka thoroughly enjoyed experiencing these delicacies and taking in the rich flavour of these intricate desserts. The eye-popping Caramel Popcorn that not only was a visual delight but also tickled our taste buds in all the right ways. A touch of strawberry to the Belgian Chocolate Strawberry added just the correct flavours to the chocolaty delight. Crackling Crackle that was no less than a party in our mouths and Ah! The mouth-watering Belgian Chocolate Mousse that melted us the same way it melted in our mouths.

Available especially on order, this line is available on both their branches. They believe that these delights deserve all your attention when they are fresh so they have kept these additions available only on order basis. A welcome inclusion to their menu, it’s a great amalgam of exotic flavours and fillings and praline that are as authentically Belgian as they can get. Enchanted by this Belgian Glory, all we could say is that it is worth a try and we assure you, your first time won’t be your last time. Made with lots of love, creativity and passion, The Dough Company is a place you find handmade deliciousness served right!


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