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Nikita managed to enter Satyam Kraft into the top 300 sellers list of


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G-4/5 Western Vesu Point, Vesu Main Road, S.D Jain School Cross Road,, Vesu
Surat, Gujarat - 395007


In a kind of a city where people believe that the boring old school business is the only way to go, ‘Satyam Kraft’ is the kind of business which our city needed the most! It’s actually is a result of a couple and their whole women force who with love, passion, hard-work and unshaken will, drove their arts and craft business home!

The struggling journey.

Nishit Kapadia was living a pleasant life with his stock market business doing great until the great recession of 2008. It was a blackout for him. The recession had twisted, turned and put him down in business. It has turned the world economy upside down and Nishit Kapadia was just a small victim of it. It affected him in ways he’d never imagine but Nishit was far from budged. With the fall of the economy and loss of wealth, his determination only grew stronger. He was determined to do something. So, when his wife bought a mere 200 sq ft store and started an arts and craft store, he too leaving everything aside, joined his wife.

A fine instance of women empowerment!

To anyone’s surprise, they did wonderfully! In just two years, they grew massively. Satyam Kraft was a super hit! They were the talk of the town. It was a great shop and everybody knew it! Along with time not just their business grew, their forces have expanded too. Nikita’s paternal sisters Honey Dumasawala and Daisy Gajiwala have joined along! Honey is the mastermind behind their highly captivating designs and along with Daisy, she’s running the show swiftly. The founder of Satyam Kraft Nikita Kapadia now handles the entire online operations of the store. She has managed to enter Satyam Kraft into the top 300 sellers list of Not just that, they are also gearing up for the launch of their 2000sqft India’s biggest arts and craft showroom in Vesu on May 14th, 2017 which is also Mother’s day. As all of them are proud mothers, they strongly felt that there couldn’t be any better day for the launch. The showroom will have 100% women management staff. Talk about women empowerment!

Our best wishes

CityTadka is proud of Nishit Kapadia and the entire women force consisting Nikita Kapadia, Honey Dumaswala and Daisy Gajiwala. We salute them for their enduring journey to success and encourage all the fellow women to do the same. Remember, there is no force stronger than a woman determined to rise.



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