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Navin Electronics

Their success story is a quintessence of what a human can do!


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LP Savani Rd, TGB, Adajan Gam,, Sagrampura
Surat, Gujarat - 395002


It has been 7 long years now since ‘Navin Electronics’ has been bestowing us with exceptional quality electronic products. But it was not easy to be one of the most trusted electronics stores in Surat. It was only possible due to the unshaken faith of Anil Jetwani & Sushil Jetwani who drove the store to the top to become one of the best. Their success story is a quintessence of what a human can do only if he or she just believes in oneself!

Even after all these years of success, there is one thing Anil Jetwani always goes that extra mile for. That one thing is customer satisfaction. They believed from the very start that the only factor that affects the business highly is customer satisfaction. They belonged to a business family from the start and we suppose it was in their blood that they had the courage to take all the risks and still make it to the top! Their hard work and dedication has outrun every other competitor in the market and helped them make a name for themselves. A name everyone trusts.

It was Anil’s father who’d envisioned the journey by dreaming about opening an electronics store. Electronic products were not very famous back then. People were astonished by the radio and would consider it as a miracle! As the revolution begun and proceeded, Anil was all grown and determined to lead his father’s dream into the booming future of reality! He faced oceans of hardships but his will didn’t deter. He was determined to turn his father’s dream into a reality and he did it. He finally inaugurated the first outlet in 2005 and called it ‘Navin Electronics’. Since then, the hasn’t looked back and is moving in full throttle towards his next goal. The goal of turning ‘Navin Electronics’ into a brand and having an at least 500 employees working for him.

Today on 15th May 2017, ‘Navin Electronics’ is celebrating its 7 years of enduring journey to success. We highly recommend all the Surtis to buy electronics from ‘Navin Electronics’ as there is hardly anywhere else you’ll get the the fine quality you’ll enjoy here.


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