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Ministry Of Cheesy Affairs

The burger and the milkshakes are signature dishes of MCA!


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Shop no. 3, Marvella Corridor, VIP road, Vesu
Surat, Gujarat - 395007


Have you ever pondered how and where do you get absolutely beautiful beautiful food you see on Instagram or Snapchat? Have you ever had an endless craving to eat food that looks as gorgeous as it tastes? Are you one of those foodies who love to share the perfect chow snaps? Look no more! Right in the heart of our city Surat, there’s the most happening food joint in the history of Surat. It’s called MCA (Ministry Of Cheesy Affairs). And no! It’s not a government body – as anybody would think. Till date, nothing like this has ever been done in our city. It’s a startup founded by a young entrepreneur Mr Chaitanya who is well ahead of his time!

City Tadka brings you the best as always and this time we bring you MCA because it absolutely stands out. It’s one-of-a-kind! The joint’s prime focus is not just how the food tastes, but also how beautiful the food looks when served. It was initially inspired by the beautiful food snaps people post on social networks. And thus, they’ve brought such photogenic delicacies to Surat. Now all the avid foodies of Surat can boast about eating cool things on their social networks too! To them, it’s not just about the food’s taste; it’s about blowing the customers away by the beauty of the food even before they touch it. It’s definitely something Surtis have never seen before in Surat or anywhere else. The name itself speaks of its creativity and how it’s for everyone who loves go snap-before-you-eat. The unique name emphasises not just on the relation between the taste and the person but also on how amazed the food can make you feel by just the way it looks!

The joint serves a vibrant array of food to choose from. From hot burgers, waffles, pizzas, mocktails, thickshakes to live nitrogen ice creams and whatnot. You name it they have it. The burger and the milkshakes are signature dishes of MCA and they’re matchless! They make it from scratch using their own patties, veggies, condiments and everything! City Tadka recommend you to try it out! The milkshake too is outstanding and oh, the way it looks and tastes is impeccable!

It launched two months ago and people have responded phenomenally. MCA has received a lot of love from Surtis and they are now expanding! They are doubling their capacity and now can host 60 of valuable guests who can now also enjoy their food in the serene atmosphere of the new air conditioned sitting! The work is in full swing! Undoubtedly, MCA is a new trending name in the food business of Surat! To all the overjoyed Surtis out there, City Tadka strongly recommends visiting this absolutely mesmerising food joint at least once as MCA guarantees it to be the meal of your lifetime!



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