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Milk Palace

A one stop shop for all your dairy needs.


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3-4, Anand Apartment, Bhatar Road, Bhatar
Surat, Gujarat - 395001


Some of the finest Desserts are Dairy Products. And “MILK PALACE” is the place that’s been bestowing our city with finest Dairy Goodies since 1993! If you are a Surti, you may be well aware of the fact that MILK PALACE is an august brand of our city. They offer everything in Dairy Products. You name it, they have it!

MILK PALACE has been a big player in the city for a while now, but things were not this smooth back when it started in 1993. After a long arduous journey and unshaken will, it has successfully managed to be one of the most trusted brands in Surat! MILK PALACE started just as a Dairy, but now they are into Sweets too! They even have expanded to Two Colossal Stores in plush areas of VESU and BHATAR.

They offer myriads of Dairy and Sweet Products such as Plain Milk, Punjabi Curd (Dahi), Malai Paneer, Shrikhand and Mattho, Punjabi Lassi, Flavored Lassi, Cold Cocoa, Processed Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, White butter (Maakkhan), Pure desi Ghee, Malai, Fresh Cream and Desserts like Dry Fruit Cream, Seasonal Cream, Basudi, Angoor Rabri. They also offer a plethora of Sweets such as Gulaab jamun, Kala jam, Rasgulla, Peda, variant Barfis, Kalakand, Milk cake, Kaju katli, Aanjeer roll, Anjeer patra, Dryfruit Katli, Kaju Honey, Dryfruit Mohini, Mohanthal, Motichur laddu, Besan laddu, Sweet boondi and countless more!

MILK PALACE are pioneers of Malai Paneer 2.0 which offers customers option to choose from more than 10 flavors of Paneer! Yes, you read it right, there are more than 10 flavours of Paneer specifically manufactured for our Surti’s. They are only and the very first in INDIA who offer something like this to the customers. They are renowned for their SIGNATURE DAIRY Products like Malai Paneer, Dahi, Lassi, Cocoa, Shrikhand and Mattho. They offer Premium Class Services for people who just love to stay fit, eat healthy and hygienic food and live well!

They are even launching their new HOME DELIVERY App! which can be downloaded from Google Play store. How often do you see Dairy Products delivered to your HOME? Their App contains everything about them. The entire product line is listed in their App for you to seamlessly choose and buy whatever you love! Now, why go out to find Quality Dairy Products when you can just download MILK PALACE App and order Quality Dairy Products right at your doorstep?

They are now planning to expand their reach to entire South Gujarat and for that, they are in the market with a prime investment opportunity for anyone who’d like to take the franchise. So, all the Surtis out there, download the App and also visit MILK PALACE to relish delectable Dairy Products. Especially, their SIGNATURE Product Malai Paneer 2.0.


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