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Jay Shankar Lassi House


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Chowkbazar,Nr.Rasavala Khaman ni Bajuma, Chowk bazaar
Surat, Gujarat - 395003


In the olden times, yoghurt was commonly stored in earthen pots and kept cool, which was later stirred with water and sugar to make a refreshing glass of Lassi. In most households in the North, it is still a common fixture during lunch, wherein it is relished in tall brassware glasses. While the sweet Lassi garners more attention, the salty variant has its own fan following too.

Started with a small Laari near Gandhi Baag, Jay Shankar Lassi Shop claims to be the first joint to introduce Lassi to Surat 65 years ago. Selling a glassful of Lassi at Rs. 30/- today, it started with 10 Paisa in that era. This is the 3rd generation as of now for them but the taste is intact and unchanged. They have the largest range of Lassi. They were the ones to bring innovation in the same. Rose Lassi topped my favorite list which is simply heavenly, creamy and rich in taste. The Lassi is prepared right in front of you and a massive quantity is served in tall steel glasses. We gave another shot to the Mango Lassi which simply worth the mention. Another variety and a quite unique combination of flavours I have ever heard were the Pistachio and Rose Falooda. I must say this Lassi, topped with dry fruits, is something you will fall in love with instantly.

In Chowk, as you take the sip, the chilled milky relief of the Lassi calms the tired nerves that inevitably come with an excursion to the City. A caveat though: Don’t forget to hit the gym soon after. Simply get indulged and show us some love with your feedback.


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