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Hair Advisor

A Cafe that serves you food while you get a haircut!


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Ambika Niketan Road, Ambika Niketan
Surat, Gujarat - 395007


The most chronic thing about getting a haircut is the long queue of waiting for customers in the hair salon. You have to just sit there and stare at people having haircuts just because they came before you. Well, that’s just partly fair and not at all entertaining! ‘Hair advisor’ a salon at Athwa begs to differ! They are confident that they can make waiting for your turn to get a haircut relaxing and fun!

Hair Advisor is actually a beauty, make-up, salon service which has come up with a fairly distinctive concept to make sure customers feel at home while waiting their turn for a flawless haircut! They have melded their seamless services with a café. Yes! A café inside a salon! How awesome is that? Now you don’t have to get bored doing absolutely nothing while waiting your turn at a salon. You can sip refreshing coffees while you are at it only at Hair Advisor!

They are masters of hair art and offer a wide range of services such as simple hair cutting, performing scalp treatments, hair treatments, colouring, manicures, pedicures, waxing, massage, facials to bridal and artist make-ups. They do it all! They are more than just a salon. They are a salon with a homelike aura! They make sure customers have a great time waiting for their haircuts sipping coffees! They aim for optimum customer satisfaction and to be honest, they are nailing it!

They are impeccable in every service they offer but they are specially cognoscente in makeup, hair treatments, makeovers, artist makeup and cafe delicacies. They enchant you with the complementary coffees as you are getting your haircut! They ensure there’s no chance you get bored while you wait your turn for a haircut at their salon! They have made getting haircuts a joyous experience and we must say, we are pretty impressed!


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