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A perfect connotation for representing the world cuisine in one platter!


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Global local restaurant, VIP Road, Vesu
Surat, Gujarat - 395007


Surat has a penchant for welcoming every culinary experiment with open arms and has always shown its love for food. Every day, doors open for a new eatery in town but what’s most thrilling is the evolution of trends across cuisines that makes our dining experiences even more memorable. Food is no longer about pleasing the senses alone and the culinary experts are going all out to present innovative dishes to arouse your curiosity and make you delve deeper in the thought behind their creations.

Taking a note of this very fact, a new restaurant is coming to make way into your heart – Global Local. Interesting name, isn’t it? A perfect connotation for representing the world cuisine in one platter.

The moment we entered the restaurant we were lauded with its aesthetic concept. It is a two-storey restaurant that gives you a warm and cosy feel. You can truly feel the blend of traditional and modern architecture in the establishment.

Inspired by the decor and styles of Rajasthani Havelis, you will find its references all around the place. The hangings of the old style Darwaza, the art pieces, the walls polished in such a fashion that they give a feel as if we are in some 19th-century Indian palace. What we absolutely felt in love with was the sitting area. Glowing with amber lights it gave the place a truly mesmerising feel. A perfect place to indulge yourself in some lavish dining.

If you just want to grab a drink and chill with your friends, just be seated near the drink counter and witness all the fun happening across it and some fun and crazy moments are surely guaranteed. Or walk in with your family and let your taste buds take a delectable gastronomic ride.

Still awestruck with the ambience, along came in the food that completely blew off our minds. As the custom, the first thing we were served was a refreshing drink, and the name of the drink – The Big Bhang Theory, Oh Yeah! You heard that right! It is the quintessential thandai that was an instant cooler for us. Served in a cage with smoke all around, the thandai was a truly a welcoming treat. Then came in the savoury inside out vada pav and the vada served with a different setup. A great option for all Picante.

Treat for all the dal chawal lovers served with a twist was Dal Chaval Arancini. And the moment we popped it in our mouths, it melted and so did our hearts. We were still revelling in those flavours, along came in the Mushroom Lollypop, which will make you fall in love with mushroom even if you were never a fan.

All in all, the restaurant promises an unparallel culinary experience along with a great ambience that truly is worth a visit. So, what are thinking Surtis? Visit and experience the magic of Global Local. The door opens tomorrow and all of you are cordially invited.


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