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Creamery Aai Mata Road

They have also introduced jar ice creams that no other creamery is having!


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G-2, Sky View Shopping Center, opp to D.r. World, Aai Mata Road,, Parvat Patia
Surat, Gujarat - 395010


Surtis get excited as creamery has an outlet at Katargam and Parvat Patiya now! People in Katargam and Parvat Patiya had to travel all the way to the other part of the city to experience the best taste so instead M.K Food & Beverages decided to give them this incredible experience to their nearest place.

Creamery has the combination of creativity with taste and it mainly provides the best handmade fresh fruit ice creams. Creamery gives an opportunity to all the Franchise holders to make their menu, custom based and they are free to do anything with their menu.As a result of such liberal franchise module each creamery is different than each other. So, CityTadka found the best creamery in the city with astonishing taste that is Creamery in Katargam and Parvat Patiya.

Creamery in Katargam and Parvat Patiya has, that kind of international flavours which no other creamery has in the city. They have come up with all kinds of diverse and unique taste and flavours of ice creams, shakes and sundaes. They have also introduced jar ice creams that no other creamery is having.
Bhumik Patel, being an ice cream lover, always wanted to open up an ice cream parlour and when he saw creamery and its concept, he was highly inspired to open an outlet in Katargam and Parvat Patiya.

As said by him, the greatest strength of Creamery is that the location, as location plays a vital role and he thinks they have got the best location in this particular area of Katargam and Parvat Patiya.

There are different varieties of shakes available in various lip smacking flavours like Kitkat shake, Oreo shake and many more and they also have mouth-watering varieties of Sundaes available… So, Surtis gear up to try different varieties of Sundaes and fresh fruit flavoured ice cream only at Creamery in Katargam and Parvat Patiya.

The main USP of Creamery, Katargam and Parvat Patiya is ‘Thai Darshan’, it’s filled with honey, snowflakes and coconut ice-cream. Hot chips dipped in honey and served with cold coconut ice cream topped with coconut flakes. It is packed up with a remarkable taste that will surely enhance your taste buds.
And even the best part at Creamery, Katargam and Parvat Patiya is the ‘FREAKSHAKES’ that encloses a good space in the mind of the customers, with an attractive presentation, ‘FREAKSHAKES’ are reaching to Surtis.

That’s the reason ice creams enclose esteem. Excavate in a container of dissolute sweet ice cream or enjoy mango ice cream, sitafal ice cream or chocolate oreo ice cream; there are just innumerable flavours of ice cream prepared just to revitalize your mind.

Future plans of Creamery in Katargam and Parvat Patiya is that first they will try to satisfy their service to customer and make some good clients, after getting experience they will open up with something new idea.

So, People who haven’t tried yet get going and sip different varieties of shakes and the ones who don’t like shakes give a shot to sundaes… at CREAMERY, Katargam and Parvat Patiya.


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