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Bebe Burp

BeBe Burp is an organic food company!


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 B-16, City Light Rd, Gayatri Society, Panas Gam, Panaas, Athwa
Surat, Gujarat - 395007


BeBe Burp is an organic food company, we believe strongly in the advantages of organic food, bringing in our families. As in everyone’s mind there is a debate as to whether organic is more nutritious or safe than conventional, but when it comes to making products for your littlest ones, we believe the simpler the better.

Anyday, organic food is healthier option as it doesn’t contain preservatives and other harmful pesticides which can be harmful to the baby besides that the organic food is a healthier way of obtaining optimum nutrients. The main USP of BeBe Burp product is that it’s organic baby product and is rich in nutrients with taste removing the harmful preservatives.

When a new idea is put into practice in the real world, there are many challenges that one faces and eventually you have to overcome them. Organic products need to be refrigerated for a longer duration and BeBe Burp is trying to overcome this limitation. Surtis are known as food lovers and are well acquainted to places that cater to this need. However the infants are limited to the instant baby food available in the Indian market and the products introduced by them is the breakthrough in this segment of baby food products.

At present they have introduced 12 products in the market they are like Instant Mix it includes khichdi mix, Puffed rice mix and many more. They are constantly aiming for innovation and introduction of new products in the market.

With baby coming in to this world where a lot of baby food options are available with a better, as a mother you won’t find the options worth considering. This intrigued them with an idea to create food products that is both healthier and tastier.They are giving the food products developed under Bebe Burp to their baby since the time he is allowed to consume food and will continue with these baby food products as it is palatable and mouth watering to their baby.


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