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Born in 1991 in Dhari hamlet of Amreli, Gujarat in sheer penury, Vasant Chauhan was a boy curiously naughty! When he was just about 5 years old, his parents passed away. He was then raised by his maternal grandmother and grandfather who used to wash clothes and maternal grandfather who was a cobbler.

After a while, they moved to Surat city to enjoin his maternal uncle. Since the childhood in Dhari, his rendezvous with hardships was an everyday affair. He used to accompany his grandmother to people’s home where she would wash clothes. Watching his grandmother, he felt proud seeing her work hard. He also sometimes felt sad for her and often thought of being a doctor and ask her to stop for the good. His grandfather was a cobbler who use to sit right in front of his school and his uncle was a tailor. Studying in the government school, he’s had close calls with the street life and the basic life rules very early. But because of his curious nature, he mastered every art that could take him out of the misery. He was a master of tailoring and that is how he put himself into college to eventually pass out as an MBA graduate. Despite all of the hardships, he never gave up. He was just too adroit for that. He believed that self-improvement was the only way out of the poverty and he did just that.

Today, he is a well known YouTuber, a Motivational Speaker, and a Writer. He believes in genuinely helping people who are facing the same confusions of the life like him. He through his videos helps people to tackle the hardships more efficiently! He is followed by a whopping number of 82,870+ Subscribers with over 6 million views (as of August 2017) on youtube and is a widely appreciated sensational! He also has a staggering amount of 137k followers on Twitter!

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