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Generally we all are happy happy in our office all the time but today the reason is different. We are in conversation with Schweta Merchant Gandhi. So now you know the reason of our happiness. Many of you must have heard about her but today, let’s know her a bit more and from closer. We all want happiness, don’t we? Let’s hear this happy story in her words only.

“Being a kid, I was a very shy girl. I even used to cry if teacher would have punished a boy by making him sit in between two girls. Quite frankly, when in our childhood, teacher or Mom used to ask, “What do you want to become?” I had a very clear vision of myself speaking on microphone, people listening and applauding. Then I never knew that what kind of speaker I want to be. While secondary schooling, I really worked hard. I used to spend 12 hours of my routine at my coaching center, writing papers. I still remember how I was awarded with a Gold Medal by then, Education Minister, Smt. Anandiben Patel.

For further studies; MBA; I went Pune. There I chose a module which allowed me working while studying. I got placed in a good company where my profile was marketing but I stretched my working hours to learn more and more. I even spent my breaks in seminars where my senior used to deliver sessions on human skills. I worked on such events even like serving tea or snacks just to be present there and learn from her. Even after working hours, I used to make modules what I learnt from her in the whole day.

Then the wedding phase came in life and for that I had to return Surat. I got married in January, 2014 and right after 6 months I started my career. When I returned Surat, I realized that there was almost negligible scope for Corporate Training in soft skills and life skills. Of course I was disappointed but never gave. Since early days of my career, I came across a quote, “Wake up, Dress up and Show up”, and made it my success mantra. Even till date I follow that. Be it whatever success or failure; just forget it on the next morning. Always take a fresh start and creativity and a new beginning flow in you. I studied NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Program) where all the doubts got cleared and here I learnt Human mind’s thought patterns. I have gone door to door and shared my ideas and this is how I started building my audience.

In the beginning when I used to deliver the sessions; I used to take along my mom and my bestie for a genuine feedback.

Eventually schools and colleges started approaching me and I used to charge no money for it but I had to make it a “Money Making” Model. I take sessions on Confidence Building, Positive Thinking, and Good Parenting and so on and so forth. My audience includes a 9 year old kid to even a 94 year old person. I started “Happy Minds” with just two students, exactly two years back and now I have more than 200 students. Throughout my career, I never ever took financial aid from my parents or even from husband now. It is truly said that hard-work pays and it did. Even after wedding, the extended family supported.

There are four enemies of your success; 1) Expectation, 2) Being judgmental, 3) Comparisons and 4) Competition with other.”

We salute this Surti Nari for all the good work she’s doing to spread happiness in Surat. Keep doing that..

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