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If you have the passion to do something and you are ready to give your heart and soul to it, then nothing is impossible. This statement truly defines our guest Mr Sapan. A powerhouse of talent, Mr Sapan need no introduction. A well known cherographer and an absolute amazing human being. Whatever he has achieved in his life is out of his sheer hardwork and determination.
Citytadka got an amazing opportunity to interact with him and know a little about him and his journey.
Here are the excerpts of our interaction with him.
Hello sir, thank you for taking your precious time out and interacting with us. So first of all tell us how was your childhood and what kind of  child you were?
A – I was born in a Lower Middle Class Family. I was very naughty and had a keen interest in dance right from the age of 3 years.
2) What were you interested in as a child?
A – The only thing that I interested me right from my childhood was my passion for dance.
3) Tell us that one thing that your parents taught you that you remember strongly.
A – Never do anything bad for anyone and always believe in yourself.
4) Wow, such a noble thought, so how did your journey begin?
A – When I was in Grade 11, I used to teach dance to friends siblings at a very basic cost to take out my own expenses and with time I started taking school batches and ladies batches at home and also started going to Mumbai and went to many classes for my exploration, also used to teach college groups in garden spaces as I did not have my own space to teach. Since I was very much interested in dance, my parents thought to put me in dance class in order to get more exposure. My parents made me join ‘Ganesh Acharya Dance Academy’ and I kept exploring myself to the fullest and used to travel to Mumbai on and off and used to take personal classes from Ganesh Acharya Sir as well at his studio in Mumbai. I also represented India in Italy and Croatia in 2008. Than I started handling his Surat branch and one fine day I got a thought to start my own dance class with my wife Sonam and that’s how ‘tap in…. sapan’s dance class’ came into existence in 2010 on May, 3rd. With time my group has performed in front of well known celebrities like Akshay Kumar, Tiger Shroff, Ranveer Singh, etc.
5) Who is your inspiration?
A – Ganesh Acharya has been my biggest inspiration who made me realise my strength and gave me the opportunity to handle his classes and which increased my confidence. And I can never forget my wife, Sonam who has always been inspiring me whenever I am confused or stressed or any problem. She is my backbone in my life personally as well as professionally.
6) What are the hardships you confronted when you begun this adventure?
A) When I began my own particular dance class, there were numerous set up danc classes too. We used to work from morning 7am to night 1pm. However, I was infact cheerful to remain in a sound rivalry and put forth all all I have and I faced numerous problems by correlation and all viewpoints. But, my quality dance moves which was and will dependably be my first priority influenced me to buckle up and influences me to stand where I am today and still there’s significantly more to accomplish.
7) How did you know this is the thing you wanted to do for the rest of your life?
A – I was excessively required into dnace for quite few years and at whatever point I thought for any choice of work or career, dance was the only thing that rung a bell in my mind and I was certain that dance is the thing for which I am made for.
8) What do you credit your prosperity to?
A – Hard work. Patience. Think out of the box.  Be certain. Be positive
9) If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?
A – life is about experience, if that you are not fruitful in first time there is another opportunity cos everything shows you something or the other.
10) A message all the aspiring choreographers and sprouting dancers ……..
A – have confidence in a solid rivalry. Each individual is creative and is great in something or the other and have their own particular strong and feeble points. Simply take after your dreams do your best work don’t sit tight for result and in future you will be there at your fantasised place.
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