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A young lad, who is just 19, looks like any other college going teenage guy. But when we talk about his beautiful creations, his bikes we understand he truly deserves to be a youth icon for people of gennext. His hard work, patience and sheer determination can yield miraculous results. We are talking about Rez, a self-made automobile engineer who creates bikes from scratch. And CityTadka got a wonderful opportunity to get candid with him. One thing we really liked about him that this guy is all self-made yet very down to earth.

Here are the excerpts:

What about your family background?

My family background is I am a single child, my mother is housewife and father is a professor in SVNIT and even my grandfather was also a professor in SVNIT.

As your parents have worked in Svnit if you have given an opportunity to work there will you work there?

No, I wouldn’t because my basic interest level is in automobile company rather than going for teaching!

So how Goa India Bike Week came in your mind?

I have never thought that I will make a bike and represent in Goa India bike week! Once I was watching TV and in 2013 there was the first episode of India bike week and I scored very less marks in 10th so my parents were fed up with me and I started my diploma course and thought of making a bike and representing it in the bike week! After my 10th grades, each one of my relatives and everyone around me were like I wouldn’t do anything! But that’s the point criticisms make you strong so then I decided that something or other I have to be. And with my father’s help I made this bike and today I am making one more bike that will be totally different!

Tell us how you started and what ignited the passion in you to create bikes?

It was the year 2013 when I had just finished my 10th and for the obvious reasons, I didn’t good grades. And as you know it is customary in India, if your scores are bad you are gone. So everybody around me started mocking me about my future. Have done diploma of 3 yrs from Bhagwan Mahavir College in automobiles as a subject and now pursuing a degree course and in that one semester is completed and one left

So what’s your age and who helped you with the manufacturing of bike?

I am 19yrs old I have completed the bike with the help of Moiz Rassawala but the total financial aid was given by my father he just helped me in working and he was my friend while I was pursuing diploma, if someone asks u to sell your bike will you do that , and the answer was no , I have made this bike not for selling but for my creation that I can do that , for the first time I have made a bike and totally it’s done by myself even the welding and painting part is done by me I have got my bike in Limca book of records have done in reverse gear that’s the reason limca book of awards gave me an award, in this case, it is that if I have made a bike only I can drive it no one except me can drive it . As the bike hasn’t got RTO permit so even the cops stop me from riding this bike

If you get an offer from a renowned automobile company will you go?

Yes I would prefer going there like I have many ideas to execute them but in today’s time everyone is like you just share your ideas, and if we do that then there’s a possibility that they would surely use that idea and would execute it by themselves as this has happened in my family before my father gave lots and lots of ideas but the ideas were copied and he wasn’t given any kind of credit so I don’t want to make a fool out of me by doing this. I have applied in BMW as I have made the bike with a specification named All-wheel drive system that’s only present in BMW bikes so let’s wait what reply they give and we have also used hub centric system that’s mostly not used in India till now Hub Centric System is made with very high technology and products without using all that we have made it.

Self-Balance bike is coming up now so we are thinking and are going to make one more bike with all new features. The bike which we made and presented in Goa India bike week that got an award for innovation 1st prize. When we sent the proposal of the bike than for the first time the bike got rejected and about this, I had told no one in my family and friends I thought it will be getting an award then only I will tell them. So at first, they rejected and then after I got a call from India bike week, that we are starting a new category as innovation so you can send your bike for that, and we did. Then there came an issue of how to transport the bike, so I got stuck again but then also the organisers of India bike week helped me and sent a truck for my bike from Goa. And when I and my partner went to present our bike everyone was amazed and we also got criticisms but then too we won 1st in the category of innovation. Totally the bike cost us 2 lakhs except welding and painting because that thing only I was doing to save money!

A message to all the Surtis!

My message to all the Surtis is that be foody and try new things daily, and never ever demoralise anyone, but yes criticisms are important to achieve a milestone.

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