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About Mr. Hiren Kakadia

Very popular in event industry and of course a Surti, Mr. Hiren Kakadia is here with the conversation. Let’s have his story in his own words.

“I came Surat in the year 1992 to do something really big. Due to no capital those days, I started working in an imported toys’ shop. I completed my B.Com from Sir K P Commerce College. At that point of time I got 75% which seemed really good. I stood 1st among 3500 students and that was the first achievement in my life. While working with that toy shop, I offered partnership in the venture with my capital. For the first time ever, I stepped into this Event Industry in 1996 by organizing the first ever Organized Navratri. It was the first time when Navratri was happening with full bass, DJ and that kind of sound system. This was happening for the first time when this Dhinchak Navratri took place of the traditional Navratri.

After getting huge response in the Navratri event, he organized one event with Sonu Nigam and then the whole event career began. Right after that I lined up my events with many celebrities like Mika Singh, Himesh Reshammiya, Daler Mehendi, Salman Khan and many more. I was the organizer of the very famous football league when many different celebrities became an integral part of it. I feel proud saying I am the pioneer of Indoor Stadium’s and Sarsana’s famous Navratri. Success doesn’t come so easy. I also faced drawbacks in my life. Many of my so called friends and relatives left me in need. I must be thankful for god for giving me such a supporting friends circle and family who have been with me through all the thick and thin. I saw failure in the floods in the year 1998 and 2006. But I was not one of them who doesn’t get up again. I accepted all the challenges in my life.

My only message for fello Surtis is, “Just be yourself, compete with your own self.” I always ask people to face the failure then only you will know who your true friends are. Wish you all a happy time.

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