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About Sneha Devganiya

Sneha Devganiya, the popular movie actor who is not only on the right track, she has set the course for the rest of us who are interested in acting as well.

Citytadka joined Sneha and came to know about some of her life experiences. Here it is:

Tell us about your Family Background

I am the first one in her family to get into acting. I was supported majorly by my grandmother. I have a degree in ‘Performing Arts and Dramatics.’

What got you in this field?

I  didn’t have any plans to get into acting. After her 12th grade exams, I  read an article about the acting institute in Gandhinagar and I realised that I was more interested in theatre than in BBA or

Who is your role model?

Kangana Ranaut has been my role model. I like to challenge myself in new roles to become a better actress. I am a bit choosy in signing my movies. As I want to take a challenge at every step towards my success.

What is the reason behind your fitness?

“Healthy Food” habits is the main reason for my fitness. There are many times when I miss my gym and exercise but never quit eating healthy.

What’s your Dream role and inspiration in your life?

As I said, Kangana is my role model, my dream role is of something like Tanu of ‘Tanu weds Manu’. I am gonna take roles which are gonna leave a good impact on my audience.

You struggle, learnings and Changes in life

After graduation, I experienced a lot and always and came to know about the fakeness, reality and everything that goes along with it. I used to be really shy but she changed myself with time.

Describe your Active always

I have been appreciated for depth in my characters. I not only learn the dialogues but get into those feelings. Surprisingly there are times when the director tells me not to get too much into the character, which I have been told is seen rarely.

Experience of working in Je Pan Kahish E Sachuj Kahish

The director of the movie was really friendly, helpful and always cooperated with the actors and crew. On the other hand, my costar Gaurav Paswala had different nature and different interests. We didn’t get along in the beginning but then the chemistry onscreen was phenomenal.

How much your family supported in choosing your roles?

My family has supported in every role I choose but at the same time, the role should be a real and such role which really needs to get expressed so that people come to know about something new.

You tell us you are a nature lover. Right?

Yes. I love nature, flowers around me and I believe I am a responsible environmentalist.

What are your Future Plans?

I am planning to shift to Mumbai; I want to get into Bollywood. My goal is clear. I will work hard and achieve my goal. I know it will take time, but one day I will achieve whatever I want I’m sure.

A message to all Surtiss!

I  like the growth of Gujarati Industry and wish to see more of it. I love my city and the people of Surat and thank them for being so supportive.

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