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In conversation with Jenith Patel, Managing Director – G3 Star

Jenith Patel, the Managing Director of G3 Star, is an entrepreneur who can motivate anyone to start a venture with a penny. Patel, an inspiration, a man with a vision, has been working with utter dedication towards his goal to make G3 Star synonymous with success. Revealing the close future of G3 Star in this interview, Patel has given an opportunity to City Tadka for a candid interaction.


What is the USP of G3 Star?

Your very first question is a controversy (laughs). See, there is not just one specific USP of G3 Star. But, if I have to answer, we believe in giving 100% customer satisfaction. And yes, we are keen and working non-stop on Video shopping. We love to promote our Video shopping services.


What is it exactly?

Video shopping is a luxurious service that we are providing to our customers, to shop with us through Skype and Facetime, Live! We came up with this concept as we have many NRI customers. They shop with us through video shopping and they get overjoyed with this experience.


How does it exactly work?

Our usernames are easily available on our website and social media pages. They book an appointment with their preferable time and username. We give them a call and showcase the apparels through the live interaction. This is one of our most highlighted features which distinguishes us from the rest of the store in Surat.


That’s incredible! Because these are the kind of platforms that a customer looks forward to.

Absolutely! Customers seek transparency, and through video shopping, we are offering it to them completely. Customers get the exact idea about the product and hence there is no customer dissatisfaction.


Great! Talking about your collection and extravagant store, what is available at G3 Star?

We have 3 stores, one at ParlePoint (Kakadiya Complex) is only for ladies, and other two, our Lalgate and Adajan (LP Savani Road) are fully family stores, catering the needs of all. The collection includes clothing from toddlers to adults, for every occasion. Casuals, western wear, traditional wear, festive wear, wedding wear, you name it, we have it! We have 500+ brands all-inclusive.

Wedding wear! You have a huge reputation for wedding wear, isn’t it?

Yes, of course. Here, (in Surat) every family has a saying that, “Agar Shaadi hai to pehle G3 Star pe jaa ke dekh lo, baaki sab baad me.” G3 Star is the landmark for wedding wear, bridal wear to be precise. Our collection in Wedding Lehenga Choli, Reception Gowns, Sherwani, and Indo-western are incomparable.


Cool! Tell us something about the offers that are going on.

Right now, we have ‘End Of The Season Sale’. Our sale ends with the wedding season. We give this offer every year and it goes on for more than a month i.e. the end of the February and March. We offer 20% to 50% discount on all our products.


Amazing! What are your plans for G3 Star?

G3 Star is now a landmark! It is a very old and renowned brand which bears the flagship for last 28 years and still going strong with its third generation working.


And fourth coming soon?

Hopefully Yes! (laughs) They are free to join us or do anything they want. (Continues) As I was saying that G3 Star is a very renowned brand, we are now planning to open one more store that will be biggest in the whole town.


Yes, this store will be a 7-storey family store at ParlePoint in-housed with the variety of collections. We are working hard on the upcoming trends and to give our customers the best they can get. A One-stop Shop for the whole family!


That’s some great news for Surtis.

Yes, this city gave us many things. We are glad to serve them with the best we can offer.


Any message to Surtis that you want to pass on?

If you don’t work hard, you don’t get the result. Building a store is easy, but building a brand can only be possible with hard work, dedication and consistency.

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