Jay Lilawala

Trustee of Mount Litera Zee School

About Jay Lilawala

Executive Trustee of Mount Litera Zee School, founder of Parvarish International Preschools and popularly known as a Transformer and of course a Surti, Mr Jay Lilawala is here with us in the conversation. Let’s have his story in his own words.

“I have been born and brought up in Surat, belonging to a middle-class family. D id my Bachelors in Business Administration from Amroli College, Surat. I started working as a Door to Door Salesman. There were many ups and downs in life. For me the source of inspiration is the decision my family made, just to teach me, pay my expenses and my college fees. There were times when my father had to decide whether to pay the college fees or to get food for home, so to all the sacrifices my parents have done, it’s all to them and I feel so good to be at this position in my life.
The inspiration of being a transformation catalyst is something I got from books I read which are The Alchemist and Rich Dad Poor Dad, from there I got the career that I should do something of my own, so from there the job role shifted to an entrepreneurial role.
Daily I have a routine of doing 40 minutes of yoga and meditation, and the whole day I have meetings and speeches. After each and every speech if you see me, you will find me more charged and more energetic.

I believe in goals of my life, I believe that a person has to be vision oriented, so I believe I am here to make the transformation in the world and that is my life. I believe every person should have a goal of the existence of his/her belief, so for me, this is the reason of living wherever I go, whomsoever I meet, they should get transformed with just a single meet.

I conduct various training programs, at different levels like in business premises, college premises and many other places. I just want to share a small incident with you, I was in a College with Engineering students and the topic of discussion was, ‘How to make a resume and how to clear the interview.’ So I started the discussion by asking everyone what you guys have to become in your life, so many of them raised their hands, so I asked two three of them, and the answers were like I want to become a singer, a musician, a stand up comedian, so after this we came to the conclusion that people aren’t performing the things that they are interested into, they are just following. So I just want to tell everyone that pursue and follow your passion, not the crowd.
Mount Litera Zee School not only focuses on teaching but also on exploring. They believe that a child should learn and understand things in such a manner that he /she enjoys the part of learning. So by 2020, Mount Litera Zee School says that it would be the best CBSE School in Surat.

From my side, a message to all Surtis is that follow four main pillars in your life that are your Passion, Interest, Integrity and to create your own Vision, Mission and Values.”

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