Jaey Gajera, a budding actor with an exceptional name, a true Surti at heart and total momma’s boy is how he describes himself. When he visited CityTadka office, he was accompanied by Piyush Jaiswal, founder member of City Times, a well-known Event Management company of our city.

Jaey‘s first impression was simple yet of a very cool guy. He was quiet and looked at his best. And the moment we started the interview we came to know that he is much more than what meet the eye on the screen. A Sound Engineer by profession, he is now on the way to hit the big screen with his film which is currently in production. We are sure you all are overly excited to see him on the big screen. He is a Surti after all! Here are the excerpts of our chit chat with the super talented actor.

Tell us something about your journey?
I started my journey as a Sound Engineer and did a lot of radio jockeying, I sent my work to some music house in Mumbai and I was called by the Himesh Reshammiya’s team, where I had worked for quite some time. Along with that, I did some social media promotion work for actors as well. But somewhere down the line, acting bug has already bitten me, and I too wanted to try my fate at acting.

Wow, that’s quite interesting. So how did your journey actually started into the limelight?
Whatever I did in life was full of conviction and so because of this, my parents were always supportive. So when I wanted to make a movie, I reached out to my dad for it. He was very supportive and we did all the background research and everything. The movie is currently in the making and hopefully, our movie will be on the floor by Jan 2018. The official music video “ZARIYA” released by ZEE Music Company is already out on youtube and has crossed 20 lakh views. Along with that, I have also signed two Bollywood movies.

That’s quite an achievement? Could you highlight on some of the hardships you faced during your struggle?
I did not really face many hardships, but the only thing I missed was “Maa ke haath ka khana”. So I kept on traveling back and forth to Surat from Mumbai. Apart from that, there were little here and there which I think is all a part of the game.

Any parting words for passionate Surtis before you leave?
Surat is my hometown. I am just like any other Surti, I just want to say please keep loving me the way you have and stay forever as you are. I will always love you all and Surat.

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