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Lassi was brought first time in Surat by my grandparents” – said this taking proud. Today, he’s carrying this years old tradition and family business further. Mr. Jacky Satariya, from the third generation of the business of Rasawala Khaman and Jai Shankar Lassi further is in conversation with City Tadka Surat.

Let the conversation flowing in his words. So here we are with Mr. Jacky Satariya. “It’s not easy to maintain years’ old business in food. It is difficult as generation changes and so does the value for money. A glass of Lassi was being sold by my grandfather in 10 Paisa is now of INR 30/-. So I always deliver the value for money. It comes under constant responsibility to maintain clientele which is coming to you from generations. We brought innovations in Lassi, by bringing more than 40 flavours which nobody would provide you in Surat. I believe in maintaining good terms and relations with my clients.

Since the times of my grandfather till now, I don’t remember saying NO to anybody for extra Rasa (Gravy) where in our field it is considered as a cost. We love feeding people with love and warmth. I am glad informing you that we are the only ones introducing Icecream Lassi in Gujarat.

Then there was a completely new and fresh concept. It’s blessings of my parents and grandparents which has got me here this long. Thank you very much to all the fans of Rasawala Khaman and Lassi. I heartily appreciate your love for food.

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