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About Yatin Sangoi

A dynamic musician, a creative performer and one of the most down to earth people we have met, Yatin Sangoi with the voice that could melt our hearts and performances that could light up any event got candid with CityTadka and shared bits of his life that got us invested and left us wanting to know more. Winner of Star Yaar Kalakaar, the finalist on Sa Re Ga Ma and one of the finalists on Bollywood ka Boss, he has created a strong name for himself in the music industry. Born and brought up in Mumbai, we asked him how has he adapted to the Surti life. “I’ve been in Surat for over 20 years now and needless to say I have become a total honorary Surti, if not a thorough one.”

“With a penchant for doing something unconventional, I decided to do software engineering as computers was a new concept back then. Though I was interested in that, Music was always there with me. I was always inspired by Kishore Kumar, R. D. Burman and dreamed of being like them one day. Even after I had my job here in Surat, I constantly wondered if I was doing what I am meant to do and in around 1998, decided to take the big leap and actively pursue singing.”

All of us, in any field we are, have to go through certain struggles and have to face hardships – especially in the early stages – Mr Sangoi’s story was no different. But over the years, he created his own style and now has created a strong connection with his fans. “I create a connection with my audience which I always try to keep throughout the entire performance. I take a stroll amongst the audience before shows, try to understand the people that are present and perform according to their tastes and give them what they want. There have been times where the vibe is so enticing, I join my audience and make sure both of us make it a night to remember.”

Apart from singing, Mr Sangoi is a photography and film-making enthusiast and has a huge archive of rare books and films. He along with his friends create various comedy sketches and short films and have garnered attention for their work in that regard. He thrives on creating funny and fresh content and have many interesting projects lined up for the future.

“My wife, my kids and my close friends – they are my biggest support – Always motivated me and kept me positive even at my low points,” says a humble Mr Sangoi when asked what were his biggest strengths in life. The conversation moved in such a serene flow, we didn’t realise it was time to leave. But we couldn’t leave without an ending remark. And Mr Sangoi ended our interesting conversation with a beautiful philosophy he manifests in his life, “I won’t retire anytime, I’ll stop when there’s no more music left in me”

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