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Are you confused about where to invest your money? Which mutual fund is the best? Should you invest in the stock market or not? How can you achieve your financial goals? “Don’t work for money”, said Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman and author, “Make your money work for you”. But do we really all do this? So, how do you make money work for you? And the obvious answer is investments. Not just any investments but intelligent ones. Robert Kiyosaki told that to reach where you desire to be, you have to first find someone who has already been there.

With an MBA in Finance from London, Hiren Soni is an exceptional Wealth Planner who is helping Surtis attain the apex of wealth management and achieve Financial Freedom with his Firm WEALTHMINE INVESTMENTS. His sole motive is to help 1 Lakh retail investors over his lifetime to achieve Financial Freedom.

When Hiren was just a child, he was a meek little lad attracted to business. His father was a jeweler and Hiren always assisted his father troubleshoot any kind of business barricades. Along with this, his father also traded stocks and Hiren being a finance enthusiast, melded well in the colors of the bull market. Thus, growing up in a business environment, he was adamant about having his own business someday!

Hiren came across the famous book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki, which he now claims stood as an inspiration in turning his life around! There was a time when he didn’t have enough money to buy Air Tickets to London after getting a visa and now he helps families plan well for their children’s future and their own retirement. He told us that after his dad’s business suffered a huge blow, he couldn’t even afford to book a flight to London. It was his friend who came to his rescue by offering to pay for the flight and the luggage with his credit card. And in London, until he achieved his degree, he worked part time job. It was a wearying time for him he recalled. But he told that it was also the one of the most memorable time of his life as it taught him invaluable life lessons.

Hiren Soni, with seven years’ experience working with a Global Equity Hedge Fund based in London and a CFA program candidate, is probably the most qualified financial planner of the city and to be honest, that can be termed as his very USP. With his wealth management company WEALTHMINE, he now plans to help at least 1000 families in the upcoming 12 to 18 months.

WEALTHMINE INVESTMENTS helps you by implementing a one of a kind PMP method that Plans, Monitors and Protects your investments! With a Professional approach to your investment needs, they use mutual funds as a prime investment vehicle. They also take help of the Proprietary indicators that help them to gauge whether the market is in Bullish or Bearish phase thus enabling them to help protect investors’ wealth. WEALTHMINE INVESTMENTS also offers its customers endless facilities such as online investment platform, a free lifetime account for all the customers, paperless transactions and a lot more!

CityTadka is overwhelmed by the noble motive of Hiren Soni to genuinely help Retail investors by helping them create wealth!

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