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Very popular for Social Activities in City and of course a Surti, Doctor Vimal Rathi is here with the conversation. Let’s have his story in his own words.

Qualified as a Cosmetic Dentist & Dental Surgeon, I am practicing dentistry with cosmetic specialisation for more than 15 Years with proficiency.

I’m Enriched in a multicultural backdrop,born & nurtured in Royal Rajasthan; underwent schooling in the heritage city of Hyderabad, received professional education for dentistry in the benevolent city of Bangalore in 2000.

I continued dentistry training in Mumbai & later moved to Surat & today have a flourishing practice at Udhna darwaja by the grace of Almighty.

Parents nurtured me with skills for life & value education. Not being formally educated,my parents only imbibed in me the inspiration to think & work with my heads, heart and hands. As a self-directed learner, I took this as a blessing in disguise, secured a formal education against all odds of no role-models & mentorship(lucky Meee)

I love to Live life liberally with love, laughter & loyalty. Using mind in life as you use salt in food, just enough to make it appetising. Application & use of life ingredients make it worth living creatively with innovation. This philosophy is what is most admired for amongst my professional, social, cultural & community groups providing me with dynamism & Versatility.

My message to Surat & Suratis,
“Jag ghoomiyaa tharey jaisaa na koii” & For healthier Surat I have a Sant Kabir Remix”Beemari may dhyaan sab rakhe swastya may rakhe na koi,jo swastya may dhyaan rakhe toh Beemari kahe ko hoye”

Holistic living comes with balance. Balance in life makes life beautiful & meaningful. Though not a A multi-tasker,I try to manage time for personal, professional, private & public service.

The catalyst in my life is my companion, Mrs Renu Rathi, who I married in 2006 . She strengthens & enhances my life, helps me discover myself & completes me soulfully as my soulmate. Symbolic of our love, is our little angel Mishka(means Gift of Love) joined our journey of joy in 2013.

I don’t want to restrict just as a specialised cosmetic dentist but a doctor with deliverables beyond my call of duty. We have to our credit 1. development of the World’s First Night Brushing Reminder App “Healthy Hamesha”, which earned me the Mr. Entrepreneur of the year Award. Our other contribution to the discipline of dentists include initiatives in dentistry 2. Night Brushing Reminder pillows 3.Sunny Smiles especially for mentally challenged & emotionally disturbed individuals.We launched our inventions in the midst of Sunny Leone visit during Dhuleti.

Surat Knows me For my Cosmetic Dentistry work & Anti Tobacco awareness campaign which we are running since 10 yrs. We also offer free counseling for Tobacco Deaddiction at our centers. We Conduct outreach programme related to Night brushing promotion & Anti Tobacco awareness among masses. When you indulge in social services you aren’t doing for society,It’s for the self because Society is an Extention of Yourself.

Our Outreach programme & Digital initiatives are above 500 which includes

• Anti Tobacco awareness campaign,
• No Tobacco Zone Tiranga mask distribution (For Cancer/TB patients,Pollution prone people)
• Anti Tobacco Wall paintings
• Dental & Medical Check up camps
• Blood donation camps
• Dance for a cause,Pose for health, Fuel Free Food
• Website to store,access & share health records.


Our Special Emphasis is on Preventive health care & to promote its importance we have introduced a day WorldPHD(World Preventive Health Care Day, 15 Aug) in 2015.There are 8 Specifically designed activities to celebrate this Day.More than 150 NGOs Across the globe are participating in 2016 to promote & celebrate WorldPHD.

We have more than 700 articles published on Preventive health care. An yearly Extention program is Healthy Hindustan Movement which guides the schools, institutions / NGOs about the host of activities round the year.

We appeal to people of Surat to shower their Best wishes to ensure #FreedomFromillness#DoctorFreelife For the World.

I Congratulate CityTadka for their Humans of Surat Initiative.

May this article inspire Many to celebrate Body, Mind & Soul. I welcome you to enable, empower & engage yourself in impacting lives.

For any Free Health Awareness programme contact on 9898298583

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