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About Dr. Naresh Choithani

Born to doctors, Dr. Naresh Choithani was unlike any other kid. He was a charmingly mischievous little lad who loved to play, bully other kids, and not study at all! He somehow completed his school. When his father asked whether he’d like to merge into the family clinic or do something on his own, he proudly chose the tougher path of trade.

After school, he went to Mangalore for further studies in Physiotherapy. He was just the same guy he was back in school. As a result, he wasn’t the best in studies there as well. When he returned home after completing his 1st yr studies with mere average marks, his dad was heartbroken. He told him that he was not happy with him and his performance in studies and that he’d wasted a lot of time and money.Dr. Choithani couldn’t see his dad in pain due to his irresponsible actions and thus, he decided to master his feeble physiotherapy skills and topped the college in the final year and hold a position in the university.

It was the fall of 1997 when he started his journey with a small clinic and a single assistant. At first, there weren’t many patients. They were not doing so well even after all the ardors Dr. Choithani went through to make his business flourish. Some fellow businessmen even insulted and spoke low of him when he tried to move forward. He was silent then as he was confident that one day he will be above all and that his success will be an excellent reply to them! His faith was undeterred and he was heading straight for the success! In the middle of the way, he had an idea. He was assured people didn’t realize the importance of physiotherapy then. Thus, he thought that only if he could make physiotherapy effective enough to be perceived as a primary treatment option, people would flock to him. This way, he would not only grow his business but also serve the society by treating patients effectively. Thus, he decided to modernize his clinic with the cutting edge technologies that no one else has. Today his clinic is home to some finest technologies. His clinic is the only clinic in the entire Asia to have such cutting edge technologies! He is also the only certified physiotherapist in the country to treat patients on the ‘Doc Table’, a medical table highly effective in the treatment of back pain and neck pain from Singapore.Today, he treats an average of 200 patients a day!

‘Dr. Choithani’s Clinic’ is moving forward with maximum force now. He owes every bit of his success to his parents, wife and sister and his patients too. He believes that there is only one thing that can drive any business to the top. And that thing is persistence and positive thinking and the way how you connect with your patients making them feel better and better day by day. And yes one have to keep doing again and again and again, no matter how many times you fail. You will eventually reach your destiny. In the near future, he plans to go national and even international with his franchise clinics. We hope he keeps doing what he does best and keeps serving the humanity.

With the demand for quality treatments and his business parallelly growing, he is now looking for people who can invest in ‘Dr. Choithani Clinic’ by taking up a franchise. He believes that every franchise is important as people who invest keeps their trust in him and thus, he ensures that it serves people with the highest quality.

Last but not the least, Dr. Choithani is always ready to serve people not only with the latest technology but also with all his heart n soul.

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