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Best part of working with City Tadka is I get to meet new people everyday. Once my mom told me in childhood that there’s always something or the other thing that you can learn from people. Even City Tadka has chosen to follow that path and introduced Humans of Surat to celebrate every Surati.

In that positive note here I am sharing a story of inspiration, dedication towards work and success in his own words of a Surati – Mr. Denny Nirban.

Due to conservatism of society, I was thrown out of house for having a love marriage, being a Marwadi marrying a Brahmin lady. At that time we had a year old son. Without having any kind of support we moved in Surat in 1999 from Ahmedabad. Being the only bread earner of the family I started working with a monthly income of INR 7000/- a month in Muglisara. For not having the affordability, I used to have a shared fare auto which was from Adajan to Chowk and from Chowk I used to walk down to my office in Muglisara. As we didn’t have any kind of financial background, I used to buy 6 rotis from Bapunagar while returning home. We used to survive by just this. I struggled a lot in my life, seen all kind of days in my life. I didn’t want my children to face the same so I worked damn hard.

I started working for a Transport company with a money collection profile. I used to up down 5 days a week from Surat to Mumbai and Mumbai to Surat daily. This was followed by constant one and half years. Meanwhile I came across She’ll Co. and gave my best shot to get a project. I worked their as a supervisor on field at jetty. I worked for more than a year and hardly came for a month at home. This was the year 2002 while my rising period started.

Meanwhile I joined City Plus Multiplex and have been serving as a General Manager till date. I made hell big network in the industry which turned out to be so helpful to me and later I got opportunity to be a part of Surat’s 25 years old Destiny Group. This was my comeback in my own industry. I used to work in event industry in Ahmedabad. By putting my efforts and dedication we organized world’s biggest Navratri in Surat in which Mr. Ismail Darbar was there. So at that particular time I was working on event, my transport work and along with that City plus was on board. I gave my 20 hours a day to work.

My life took a U turn when joined as a Round Table member for Car Rally which was organized for charity purpose. It got a big success in Surat. It was an achievement for me when then Police Commissioner of Surat Mr. Rakesh Asthana called me to meet me. He asked me to organize a marathon in Surat. I took time of 6 months, travelled different parts of India where grand marathon had taken place in past. Even I made abroad visits to research on the same. Initially it was a day marathon but due to some reason it got switched as a night marathon. Accepting this biggest challenge, we did proper required PR and made a history. It got the success overnight.

Currently I have started my own event & advertising company, THE SOLUTIONS. I am sure you could gage the meaning behind it. Keeping my contacts and previous work intact, I am living a happy life. After the cloudy days, the sunshine comes! My message to fellow Suratis, work hard and achieve your dreams.

The story is of Mr. Denny Nirbhan. I and my team are proud sharing this! Guys, if you also have such stories, do share with us.

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