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Abhishek Dalmia, a dynamic entrepreneur, MD of JRD DENIMS, has been donning a number of caps apart from handling his family business he proved his mettle in other fields as well that includes Fashion Management Company, Real Estate, and Education. Mr. Dalmia a man of vision has been working nonchalantly and his stature could be measured with the fact that he has been chosen as the HONORARY CONSUL OF SEBORGA FROM INDIA. It is a proud moment for Surat and a humbling moment for Citytadka that we got a chance to interact with him.

Here are excerpts from the interview:
First of all, it’s a proud moment for Surat thank-you for joining us, we feel honoured. To begin with could you please tell us something about yourself?
We basically originate from Gaya, Bihar where my father has already laid our foundation for us with his brainchild DALMIA AND COMPANY.’ After spending my initial years in Gaya, I was sent to boarding school at Mayo College Ajmer where I completed my schooling, post that I did BSC Honours from Bradford University UK, MBA (Finance) from Cardiff University UK. Coming back to India I started working on my dream and established JRD DENIMS. It has been a roller coaster ride journey but things fall into place if you are determined and sincere.

That’s truly inspiring sir, by the way how were you as a child?
I was always a very curious child and loved experimenting with new ideas and ventures. Maybe this is the reason I love exploring and challenging my horizons.

While talking we figured out that you have a huge respect and affection towards your father. Tell us something about him.
Yes, my father, MR Sheo Kailash Dalmia has been the greatest source of inspiration and he has been my role model. He is a self-made man who achieved everything through his truthfulness, sincerity and hard work. He is a god fearing man and only reason for the growth of his company. He still is very enthusiastic about new ventures and is a great visionary.

A great man, we are speechless, but we think you also did a lot of things to make him proud and coming to it you have been chosen as the HONORARY CONSUL OF SEBORGA FROM INDIA.
Tell something about that sir.
It’s my pleasure and I feel extremely grateful to be the chosen one. My aim is to enhance Bilateral Relations between SEBORGA and INDIA, which will, in turn, enhance trade and commerce between the two countries. Secondly, the merger like these will help to increase the purchasing power and lead to the growth of industrialization. It will also help to highlight the potential of the country and promote business and harmony.

We really wish you all the very best sir for your endeavour, before we bid goodbye a piece of advice you will like share to all the youngsters and budding entrepreneurs.
Sure, I would just like to quote that no matter how difficult it may seem, believe in your dream, and work on it. With integrity, hard work and dedication everything is possible.

With the great piece of advice, we bid him goodbye. Isn’t Mr Abhishek Dalmia sir a true inspiration for all for us. What say Surtis?

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