Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my story featured by City Tadka?

Share your Name, Contact no, website and a brief about your brand at with the subject line ‘City Tadka listing’.

What is the criteria for my story to be featured?

There is not criteria for a story to be featured on CIty Tadka’s website. Let’s keep it interesting!

Why should I get my brand featured on City Tadka?

To list some of the many reasons :-
1. Ridiculously amazing branding
2. Hike in footfalls
3. Better promotion strategies
4. Full utilization of web and social media tools
5. Higher credibility and sales

How will City Tadka promote my brand?

To name just a few
Content curated by professionals
Dedicated photoshoot
Listing on City Tadka’s website for one whole year
Quirky banner ads
Paid promotions and posts on City Tadka’s social media portals

How long would it take to publish my story?

Once accepted, it takes upto a week’s time to get published on all portals.

How do I reach City Tadka?

We are always available on and +91 9687087777
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