City Tadka, a pioneering digital marketing and advertising agency in the Diamond City – Surat, was established in 2015. However, with the help of young and dynamic minds and a unique hands-on approach, it has managed to achieve many milestones in merely 3 years time. Strongly believing in ‘variety is the spice of life’, the agency aims at bringing ‘Tadka’ into the lives of people, who are always craving for a little more marketing.

The firm has aided in bringing people closer and facilitated in the growth of start-up culture in Surat – one of the most important business hubs of India. Utilizing the latest technology and creative strategies, City Tadka has aided in bridging the gap between businesses and their audiences. In the last 3 years, entrepreneurs, brands and professionals have had access to an audience of over 10 Lakhs.


City Tadka believes that Digital Marketing is not merely designing of websites and creatives but a much better use of web and tools that help in delivering great results. Having a deeper understanding of the techniques has helped the team build a great rapport with its clients and earn goodwill in the regional market.


City Tadka aims at becoming a regional encyclopedia for Tier 2 and 3 cities which are often overlooked by search engines and their likes. After Surat and Ahmedabad, the agency aspires to become omnipresent in 10 more cities in the span of next 1 year.

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