City Tadka is a venture of City Tadka LLP, established in the year 2015 with the ambition of adding “Tadka” in your life, you might have heard “Variety is the Spice of Life”. Bringing variety in your life is our whole & soul aspiration.

We are fortunate to have Internet and digital gadgets. Well, with these devices; communication becomes effortless, but don’t you think that there is something more than conversations? We shall unroll many things including experiences of people, uncovered places and successful stories…

Expressing some facts here, we would love to let you undergo with some Probe…..

Okay, Let’s Assume…

  •  What if you never came across the Unexplored and Interesting things of your own City?
  •  What if you roaming, being online & at the same time exploring the City Happening near you?
  •  What if you haven’t heard or known some interesting facts about your city?
  •  What if you love something (Food, Restaurant, Discounts, and Malls Etc) and you don’t reach to the detailed information about it?
  •  What if you haven’t tried unusual or awesome stuff in the city?
  •  What if you don’t get detailed information about the daily Events happening in your City?
  • We are bringing you such a platform where nothing is far from you…. You are just a click away from knowing all the above things and much more happenings about your city!


  • City Tadka is fame by its own name. We enrich our vision for City Tadka to reach to Entire India. We want to make people aware about each and every place of this country.
  • City Tadka is all about People, Place and Stories – We shall share their experience, cover the stories of Common, Successful & even Young Entrepreneurs which in turn spread positivity.


  • Taking this dream ahead, we have aimed to be in Tier2, Tier3 Cities & in turn going to all other remaining cities. We aim to be present in eyes of all the people, so that he/she does not miss any happening in their particular City.
  • We have a mission to cover more than 100 Places in the span of next 1 Year.
  • There is always 1st step towards success & we are confident that we are in right direction to start.
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Now search the places of your interest whenever and wherever you are, discover the untold stories and connect with the inspiring people in your city!

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